Celebrating the Sacraments

Pastor holding a hand full of water during Communion


We encourage parents to present their children for baptism as infants. We also baptize adults, who have not been previously baptized, following their profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Baptism symbolizes Jesus’ cleansing of our sins and serves as a public declaration that the person being baptized belongs to Christ. When children are baptized, parents and our congregation together make a commitment to raise the child to know and love Jesus Christ.

The Lord's Supper

We invite all professing Christians to join us in celebrating The Lord’s Supper – also known as the Eucharist or Communion. We also invite children to participate who, insofar as they are capable, understand the meaning of The Lord’s Supper. We leave it to the parents to decide when a child is ready. As we eat of the bread and drink from the cup, we remember Jesus’ unconditional love and forgiveness through his sacrificial death on the Cross.

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