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Our youth ministry is a welcoming place for you to Worship, Grow, and Serve in your journey with Jesus Christ. We hope you will join our students and Youth Ministry Leaders in this awesome adventure together.

Students, just like the rest of us, are created to be in community, and that is what we seek to grow in Youth Ministry at Saxe Gotha. Whenever we gather together, whether it's to grow in the Word or serve others, we aim to do it in community. Middle School and High School can be such difficult times to find and maintain close fellowship, but we strive to provide opportunities for students to gather together in a safe and open environment with their peers and with leaders who seek to see them following the Lord. With many opportunities to worship, grow and serve, we know that students will find whatever way they are looking for to give God joy.

We strive to reach equip students for a lifetime of following Christ in whatever context they find themselves. Whether it's at school, at home, with friends, at work or anywhere else, we aim to see students not only following the Lord, but inviting others along on that same journey. We want students to leave Saxe Gotha not only knowing who God is, but who they are in Him and prepared to be a bold voice for the Kingdom wherever they are called to go.

To View a Short Video about the 2021 Next Generation Vision, click here.

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Student Ministry Staff

Justin Hall
Director of Youth Ministries
803.359.7770 ext. 151
Mary Knobeloch
Administrative Assistant for Next Generation Ministries
359.7770 ext. 148
Rev. Patrick Cherry
Associate Pastor, Next Generation Ministries
803.359.7770, ext. 116
Gracie Rabon
Student Ministry Assistant
803.359.7770 ext. 145
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