Saxe Gotha Leadership

Rev. Dr. Morgan Murray

Certified Transitional Pastor

Rev. Helen Harrison Ham

Associate Pastor, Adult Ministries
803.359.7770, ext. 140

Rev. Patrick Cherry

Associate Pastor, Next Generation Ministries
803.359.7770, ext. 116

Hope Andrews

Director of CDC
803.359.7770 ext. 126

Meredith Cully

Director of Communications
803.359.7770 ext. 118

Maryssa Drake

Media Content Coordinator/AV
803.359.7770 ext. 160

Jason Flores

Contemporary Worship Music Director

Justin Hall

Director of Youth Ministries
803.359.7770 ext. 151

Alisha Hudson

Church Business Administrator
803.359.7770 ext. 141

Jerrell Jones

Director of Digital Media and AV
803.359.7770 ext. 157

Sara McCarter

Coordinator of Childcare and Mother's Morning Out
803.359.7770 ext. 149

Garth Olson

Director of Music and Worship Arts Ministries
803.359.7770 ext. 113

Erin Stoudemire

Children's Ministry Coordinator
803.359.7770 ext. 164

Support Staff

Amy Harding
Accounting/Administrative Assistant
803.359.7770 ext. 110
Ann Swafford
Database Administrator
359.7770 ext. 143
Cathy McGill
Church Pianist
Chuck Neil
Facilities Manager
803.359.7770 ext. 129
Cindy Threatt
Assistant to the Director of Music and Worship Arts
803.359.7770 ext. 130
Jennifer Dever
Database Manager
803.359.7770 ext. 163
Karen Baier
Membership Coordinator
803.359.7770 ext. 156
Mary Knobeloch
Administrative Assistant for Next Generation Ministries
803.359.7770 ext. 148
Pansy Floyd
Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor
359.7770 ext. 111
Pete Eckert
Missions Volunteer
803.359.7770 ext. 138
Renee Starnes
Congregational Care Coordinator
359.7770 ext. 137
Ruthie Brannen
Church Organist

CDC Contacts

Hope Andrews
Director of CDC
803.359.7770 ext. 126
Liz Miller
Business Manager of CDC
803.359.7770 ext. 144

Officer Nominations

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