Church Services Online for through the end of April / Child Development Center Closed Until the end of April (following Lexington School District 1)

Saxe Gotha Church Services Online through the end of April. To access these services, please go to:

To see a list of the Saxe Gotha events that have been cancelled or postponed. Please go to the News Page:

Saxe Gotha Leadership

Rev. Dr. Jim Glatz

Senior Pastor
803.359.7770, ext. 11

Rev. Helen Harrison Ham

Associate Pastor, Spiritual Formation
803.359.7770, ext. 40

Rev. Patrick Cherry

Associate Pastor, Next Generation Ministries
803.359.7770, ext. 16

Hope Andrews

Director of CDC
803.359.7770 ext. 26

Moses Andrews

AV Media Specialist & Contemporary Worship Leader
803.359.7770 ext. 19

Melinda Boyle

Director of Children's Ministry
803.359.7770 ext. 64

Gaby Gonzalez Hackett

Assistant Director of Youth Ministries & Membership Coordinator
803.359.7770 ext. 45

Justin Hall

Director of Youth Ministries
803.359.7770 ext. 51

Alisha Hudson

Church Business Administrator
803.359.7770 ext. 41

Lori Lowman

Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry
803.359.7770 ext 28

Sara McCarter

Coordinator of Childcare and Mother's Morning Out
803.359.7770 ext. 49

Hal McIntosh

Director of Worship, Music & Creative Arts Ministries
803.359.7770 ext. 13

Support Staff

Andrea Summers
359.7770 ext. 34
Ann Swafford
Database Administrator
359.7770 ext. 43
Cathy McGill
Church Pianist
Jennifer Dever
Administrative Coordinator
359.7770 ext. 63
Lonnie Wehunt
Director of AV and Media
359.7770 ext. 57
Mary Knobeloch
Administrative Assistant to Youth (Middle & High School) Ministries
359.7770 ext. 48
Meredith Cully
Director of Communications
359.7770, ext. 18
Pansy Floyd
Executive Assistant to Dr. Jim Glatz
359.7770 ext. 11
Pete Eckert
Missions Volunteer
803.359.7770 ext. 38
Renee Starnes
Congregational Care Coordinator
359.7770 ext. 37
Traci Burns
359.7770 ext. 10

CDC Contacts

Hope Andrews
Director of CDC
803.359.7770 ext. 26
Liz Miller
Business Manager of CDC
359.7770 ext. 44

Officers and Ministries

Officer Nominations

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