Small Groups

Saxe Gotha's Small Group Ministry offers all people of God the opportunity to grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Small Group members gather in the name of Jesus to listen to God, to care for one another, to serve the church and community and to welcome the stranger. If you would like to sign up for a Small Group, please download a copy of the What is a Small Group insert and return it to Offering Plate or the Church Business Office.

What is a Small Group?

A small group is a gathering, usually six to ten people, who meet to offer mutual acceptance, support for one another's goals, and encouragement for life's challenges. They may discuss The Bible, or another book with a spiritual focus, to discover truths for their own lives, learn who Jesus is, and grow closer to Him - while praying regularly for each small group member. When you join a small group, you should be committed to regular attendance and any reading assignments. Most groups meet at the church or in someone's home. Meeting frequency varies. The group could be once, twice, or four times a month.

Is a Small Group for Me?

If you sometimes wonder why you're here, or would like to know more about prayer, how to read The Bible, or how to live your faith day to day, a small group may be helpful. A lot of small groups are formed through the similarities of its group members. These similarities (life stages, circumstances and sometimes events) often mean that the group's members are traveling down unique paths, but feel free to talk openly with others who are on the same journey. Chances are that through sharing, as well as listening to others, you'll find out who you really are, learn more about who God is, and discover resources that will energize your life.

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