2020 Winter/Spring Wednesday Night Adult Classes

Wednesday Nights – Starting January 8 (6:30 – 7:30 pm)

Led by Jim Glatz
Room 151

Is Proverbs just a book of quotable quotes or is it really God’s Word to us today? Join Pastor Jim and explore this collection of wise sayings. Please bring your Bible.

Led by Bo Murphy
Room 154
B.L.E.S.S. is a new way of thinking about loving our unchurched neighbors and friends and living our faith effectively among them. B.L.E.S.S. consists of five missional practices that help us introduce people to Jesus. Come to this class to dig deeper into the new year’s sermon series and learn how to B.L.E.S.S. people. Materials provided. 

Eternity Is Now in Session: A Radical Rediscovery of What Jesus Really Taught about Salvation, Eternity, and Getting to the Good Place
Led by Patrick Cherry
Room 152/Library
In Eternity Is Now in Session
, bestselling author John Ortberg dispels the myth that eternal life is something way out in outer space that we can only hope to experience after we die―and that being saved is merely about meeting the minimal entrance requirements for getting into heaven. Instead, John unpacks the reality that the moment we trust Christ, we are initiated into “eternal living” with God as a here and now reality, one that will continue beyond our life on this earth. Book $9.00.

Jonah: More than a whale of a tale
Led by HH Ham
Room 155
There’s more to this book of the Bible than a tale about a whale. This tiny book teaches us that God has big and boundless compassion, not just for us chosen ones, but also for ‘them’. As we study this book we will be challenged to reflect if we are just as compassionate toward others as God is. Please bring your Bible. 

Monday Mornings

Men’s 6:30am Bible Study
led by Scott Welborn – Ongoing– Room 112/113 LH

This early bird study continues their study of First Peter. Join this interactive group for coffee and great conversation. Just bring your favorite Bible.

Ladies’ Monday Morning Bible Study
led by Debbie Knight – Room 112/113 LH – Childcare provided with RSVP

Come join this group of women as they study God’s Word, support each other and serve. Starting Jan. 6th at 10:00 am they will be studying Lysa TerKeurst’s It's Not Supposed to Be This Way: Finding Unexpected Strength When Disappointments Leave You Shattered. Life often looks so very different than we hoped or expected. We feel disappointed and disillusioned, and we quietly start to wonder about the reality of God’s goodness. Lysa understands this deeply; But she's also discovered that our disappointments can be the divine appointments our souls need to radically encounter God.

Young Mothers’ and Mothers of Young Children Bible Study
led by Meredith Cully – Room 234 FH – Childcare provided with RSVP.
Need refreshment? Join this group of young mothers for a supportive and interactive study. Starting Jan. 27th at 10:00 am they will be studying Rhythms of Renewal: Trading Stress and Anxiety for a Life of Peace and Purpose by Rebekah Lyons. Daily struggles with anxiety and stress make it difficult to receive God’s peace. Rebekah draws from her own battle with depression and anxiety and shares a pathway to establish rhythms modeled by Jesus that quiet inner chaos and make room for a flourishing life.  Book $9.00. Contact: Meredith Cully at mcully@saxegotha.org for Childcare reservations.  

Women in Ministry Monthly Circles/Bible Studies

  • Circle Name: Abigail
    Meeting Info
    : 2nd Wed. @ 10:15am, Fellowship Hall
    : Shelia Werner, swerner99@yahoo.com

  • Circle Name: Friendship
    Meeting Info
    : 4th Mon. @ 6:00pm, Members' homes
    Trudi Greene, trugreene@gmail.com

  • Circle Name: Lydia
    Meeting Info
    : 2nd Tues. @ 10:30am, Library/MB 152
    : Janet Graham, jamjan1409@hotmail.com

  • Circle Name: Marie Colberg
    Meeting Info
    : 3rd Tues. @ 3:30pm, Library/MB 152
    : Kathy Arrowsmith, kca21@yahoo.com

  • Circle Name: New Life
    Meeting Inf
    o: 3rd Thurs. @ 7:00pm, Members' homes
    : Kay Hendrix, jhendrix8@sc.rr.com

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