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Saxe Gotha Middle School Youth

Middle School Ministry at Saxe Gotha

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H2O is our youth ministry, which is a welcoming place for you to Worship, Grow, and Serve in your journey with Jesus Christ. We hope you will join our middle school students and our H2O Leaders in this awesome adventure together.

Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:45 am:
  • Sunday School: We will be doing our Sunday School rotations again this semester, so be thinking about what kinds of Sunday School classes you would like to be a part of. Sign ups for the first rotation will begin on August 27th, when we will have a Promotion Party during Sunday school in the Atrium. Teachers for the first round of classes will be there to fill you in on their offerings this semester.

Small Groups

We have small groups meeting throughout the week for all ages!
Wednesday Mornings:

  • Middle School small group will meet at 6:45 at Joel’s house with Gaby, John, and Joel. There will be breakfast and teaching, and a ride to school is provided. We’ll start back on September 6th.
  • High School Small group will meet at 6:45 at Chick-Fil-A and continue through 1 Samuel. Make sure you have a ride to school arranged. If you need help finding a ride, just get in touch with Justin. We start back on September 6th.

Other Small Groups Throughout The Week:

  • Seniors will have a special small group with Justin in the Fall. We’ll have a meeting to discuss when and where we will meet in early September. Be on the lookout for the details of that meeting.
  • High School girls will meet with Gaby once a week for a small group studying Hosea. Details to come!
Upcoming Events

2017 Middle School Fall RetreatThe middle schoolers will be going to Camp Greenville this year.  We’ll come together for a few days of fellowship so that we can strengthen the bonds and relationships within our youth group.  The weekend will be filled with teaching, worship, games, hiking, and more!  The registration fee is $150.00.  A deposit of $75.00 is required with registration. Wednesday, 9/13 is the deadline to register. Friends are always welcome!!


H2O app
Our official H2O app is available for download on the iTunes and Google Play stores. The app is completely free, and it will keep students and parents up to date on every event going on in the world of youth ministry at Saxe Gotha. With details about upcoming events, the ability to RSVP, a full H2O calendar and so much more all packed into one app, this will be the best way to keep up with all of the details of our events during the summer.
The H2O app is our primary means of communication. Please let us know of any feedback that you have about the app so that we can best understand how it fits into your routine each week.

You can download the app from the iTunes store by clicking HERE or from the Google Play store by clicking HERE.



Medical Release Form - A current medical release form is required to participate in off-campus activities. 
Student Ministry Behavior Contract/Photo & Video Release - A current form is needed to participate in group trips.

Youth Ministry Staff:
Justin Hall
- Youth Director - 803-359-7770, ext. 51
                                          cell - 803.466.5886
Mary Knobeloch - Administrative Assistant for Youth Ministry - 803.359.7770, ext. 48