Your privacy is very important to us. We value the trust that you place in us by giving us your personal information and only use your personal information in a way that is fair and worthy of that trust. We will always be transparent with you about what information we collect, what we do with it, with whom we share it, and whom you should contact if you have any concerns. Saxe Gotha is committed to best practices to protect the information we process.

As a member of Saxe Gotha, you can choose which General and Contact information you would like to make available in the church directory. You can do this by logging into your account online and selecting your name in the top right. In the drop down, there is an option titled "Privacy Setting."

Log-in to One Church

After selecting Privacy Settings, a window will open allowing you to customize which information is visible, or if you choose, to be "Unlisted" altogether.

You have two (2) main sections to consider when checking your privacy.

First, you can determine whether your profile is or is not listed in the directory at all:

  • Listed - users will be able to see your name and picture in the directory (along with any information selected in section two)
  • Unlisted - users will not be able to see your name and picture in the directory

Second, you can select what information about you is visible in the directory. Each item can be set to any of the three following options:

  • Everyone - any users with approved directory access can see this data
  • My Group Members - only members of an interactive group can see this data, Church leadership and staff can as well.
  • Church Leadership Only - only church leadership and staff can see this information. This is the most private setting.
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General use of your personal information is based on the business of the church:

  • We use your birthday to send you birthday cards/notices and to pray for you in particular on your special day.
  • We’ll also send emails from our ministries, unless you’d prefer to opt-out (just fill out this form.)
  • to manage employees and volunteers;
  • to process donations and related statutory rights and obligations;
  • to establish and maintain your involvement with us, events you have attended, what areas and activities of Saxe Gotha you have supported, record and acknowledge any donation, to provide the products or services you have requested;
  • to answer an inquiry or request for further information or complaint about us, our services, activities and events;
  • to register you for events, conferences and provide the services requested.

We don’t sell our mailing lists, period.

Basic information (such as weekly attendance and membership numbers) gets shared with our denomination, but your personal information does not get passed on.

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