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Fruitfulness On The Frontline Title Card

Where You Are Now Truly Matters to God

We all have an everyday context that’s significant to God, full of people who matter to God. But can we see how God might have been working in and through us on our frontlines? And can we imagine what more God might want to do there?

Brimming with real-life stories, biblical insight, and practical steps, these resources will spark your imagination and enrich your sense of wonder at the greatness and grace of the God who invites us to join his glorious work.

Come Join one of our Small Groups

  1. Sunday Mornings, 9:30am

    Explorers, Sunday School Class, LH Room 139

    Contact HH Ham at

  2. Sunday Mornings, 9:30am

    Families in Faith, Sunday School Class, Fellowship Hall

    Contact Patricia Zeigler at

  3. Sunday Mornings, 9:30am

    Foundations, Sunday School Class, LH Room 130

    Contact Sharon Capps at

  4. Sunday Mornings, 9:30am

    Musicians in the Word, Sunday School Class, Choir Suite

    Contact Hal McIntosh at

  5. Sunday Evening, 5:30pm

    Bible Study, Gannon Residence

    Contact Jenni Gannon at

  6. Wednesday Evenings, 6:30pm

    Fruitfulness on the Frontline, Wednesday Night Class, Room 155

    Contact HH Ham at

  7. Saturday Evenings, 7:00pm

    Bible Study, Thies Residence

    Contact Brian and Wendy Thies at

If you would like to download a free copy of the materials, visit: here

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