Saxe Gotha Kirkin' O' The Tartan Sunday Service

Kirkin' O' The Tartan

Service: Sanctuary

Potluck Lunch: Gym

Join the Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church Family on October 8, 2023, at 10:00 am for Our Annual Kirkin' O' The Tartan Sunday Service

This is a wonderful celebration of our heritage as Presbyterians and the history of Saxe Gotha. Wear your tartan or bring an item that represents your heritage!

Sunday school services will be held at 9:00 am, and the nursery will be open for children 3 years and younger.

Services begin at 10:00 am. At the conclusion of the Kirkin O' The Tartan Service, join us in the Gym and enjoy a potluck lunch!

Potluck Lunch Begins at 12:00 pm

Saxe Gotha will be providing chicken for the potluck lunch.

Sign up to bring your favorite dish!

Here's your guide for what to bring:
Last Name A-S:
Sides (Casseroles, Vegetables, Fruit or Salad)
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We Need Volunteers!

We need volunteers for the potluck lunch. Sign up here to volunteer to help with set up and clean up!

2022 Saxe Gotha Kirkin' O' The Tartan, Patrick Cherry, Justin Hall, and Jason Flores.

Do You Know the History of the Kirkin’?

“Kirkin’ O’ The Tartan” means “blessing of the tartans or families.” “Kirk” is the Scottish word for church and a “tartan” is the plaid-patterned fabric families use to distinguish themselves from other clans. Kirkin’ O’ The’ Tartan Services have been held throughout North America since the early 1940’s, but the tradition is rooted in 18th Century Scottish faith and patriotism.

It’s said that when English conquerors banned the wearing of tartan in 1745, some Scottish families began to carry swatches of the material concealed under their clothing into their church services. When the minister gave a blessing, the people would touch their hidden bits of tartan to recommit themselves to the Lord and their Scottish heritage.

Dates & Times

  • Oct 8, 2023
    10:00am - 1:00pm

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