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Saxe Gotha High School Youth

High School Ministry at Saxe Gotha

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 is our high school ministry, which is a welcoming place for you to Worship, Grow, and Serve in your journey with Jesus Christ. We hope you will join our high school students and our H2O Leaders in this awesome adventure together.

Sunday Morning Bible Study at 9:45 am:

Spring Rotation 3 Sunday School Classes- For our next rotation of classes, we have some great choices to choose from. This rotation will be from April 2nd - May 7th.

 Foundation (The Well) – Recommended 6th and Up:  Michelle and Mary will focus on developing your personal relationship with Christ through daily devotion, Scripture, and prayer.

 Confirmation (Rm. 146/145) – Recommended 7th and Up:  Mrs. Madonna is back and leading the final part of Confirmation. You did it!

Application (Rm. 144/143) – Recommended 8th and Up:  Kristin Brantner will be discussing doubt and how to deal with it.

 Service – Recommended 9th and Up:  This will be a chance for a small group of students to give back by serving as assistants for Children’s Sunday school. This is a commitment you’ll have to follow through on, so you’ll need to attend consistently. Space is limited.

 Worldview (Rm. 147) – Recommended 10th and Up:  Byron will lead a small group of students as you dig deep into scripture to find all you can. Space is limited so it’s first come, first served.

H2O app
We are so excited to announce that after a lot of work, we are finally ready to unveil our newest project from the Youth Offices. Our official H2O app is available for download on the iTunes and Google Play stores. The app is completely free, and it will keep students and parents up to date on every event going on in the world of youth ministry at Saxe Gotha. With details about upcoming events, the ability to RSVP, a full H2O calendar and so much more all packed into one app, this will be the best way to keep up with all of the details of our events during the summer.
This summer will be our test run of the new app, so it will be our primary means of communication. There will no longer be weekly emails going out from us, but instead, the app will be updated every day to keep you in the loop. Please let us know any feedback that you have about the app so that we can best understand how it fits into your routine each week.

You can download the app from the iTunes store by clicking HERE or from the
Google Play store by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Events:

H2O Nights Out:  High School Nights Out - Save the Date of Friday, May 19.  High School Girls and Middle School Guys will be going out separately for a night of fun on Friday, To register, click here.

This summer, our high school students will be headed to RYM's High School Conference in Panama City Beach, Florida! This trip is presently full.  Please contact Justin Hall or Mary Knobeloch if you want to be added to the wait list for RYM.


Medical Release Form - A current medical release form is required to participate in off-campus activities. 
Student Ministry Behavior Contract/Photo & Video Release
 - A current form is needed to participate in group trips.

We are happy to notarize your form for you. Just contact the business office and ask for youth staff member Mary Knobeloch to make sure she is available at 359-7770. These forms are required to participate in High School trips off campus.

Youth Ministry Staff:
Justin Hall - Youth Director - 803.359.7770 ext. 51
                                         cell - 803.466.5886
Mary Knobeloch - Administrative Assistant for Youth Ministry - 803.359.7770 ext. 48